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Did Fox News Spark a Federal Investigation of Google?

Judge Napolitano: Robert Mueller ‘Would Have Indicted’ Trump if He Wasn’t POTUS

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano Excoriates Trump for ‘Abandoning Separation of Powers’

Judge Tosses Defamation Lawsuit Against Bill O’Reilly, Fox News

Fox News Reportedly Buried Stormy Daniels Story Before Election to Help Trump

Fox Anchor Botches Discussion of Acosta Ruling, Totally Misses the Point

Judge Tosses Out Rod Wheeler’s Defamation Case Over Fox News Seth Rich Story

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Seth Rich’s Parents Brought Against Fox News

Hannity Denies He’s Telling Trump Precisely When to Fire Mueller, Rosenstein

Fox News Falls For Fake Brett Kavanaugh Twitter Account (Three Times in a Row)

Here’s Why Trump’s Latest Hire, Bill Shine, is a Major Legal Liability

Trump Apparently Threatened to Put Jeanine Pirro on U.S. Supreme Court

Fmr Fox Guest Claims Lawyer Dropped Her So He Could Cash in with Big Settlement

New Lawsuit Contains Proof Democratic National Committee Really Trusts Fox News After All

Parents of Seth Rich Sue Fox News Over Retracted Story Connecting Son to WikiLeaks

Fmr. Fox News ‘Bigot’ Headlined Women’s Leadership Forum, Group Says

‘Botox and Looks HORRIBLE’: Anti-Trump FBI Agent Trash Talked Fox News, Megyn Kelly

After Blowing Through 3 Attorneys, Former Fox Host Andrea Tantaros is Now Representing Herself

Law&Crime Welcomes Lis Wiehl as New Network Anchor

Democrats Are Caving To Trump’s Demand For Border Wall

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