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Can the FBI Be Legally on the Hook for the Parkland School Shooting?

The Grassley Memo No One is Talking About is Far More Important Than Nunes

FBI Weirdly Brags About Nailing Russian Espionage Suspect — But It’s Old News

Don’t Share Pedophilia Video Even If Trying to Catch Perp, Say Officials

McCabe Exit Might Actually Have Nothing to Do With Trump (and Everything to do With Clinton)

FBI Agent Shoots, Kills Guy Who Was Supposed to Be Rescued

FBI Didn’t Preserve Texts Between Pro-Clinton Officials Linked to Mueller Probe

FBI Releases ‘Aged’ Renderings of Pan Am Flight73 Terror Suspects

Trump Spreads Complete Delusion About Clinton’s FBI Interview as Stall Tactic

Fmr Trump Adviser Defends Anti-FBI Tweets as ‘Insurance Policy for the American People’

Terror Suspect Tried to Plan ISIS Christmas Attack in San Francisco, FBI Says

Sessions Ordered Prosecutors to Question FBI Over Uranium One Deal, Report Says

FBI Now Withholding Huge Amounts of Crime Data Related to Arrests

FBI Takes Next Step in Trump Administration’s War On Planned Parenthood

Trump’s DOJ Subpoenaed Twitter For Information On Legal And Privacy Bloggers

FBI Rescues 84 Children in Rash of Nationwide Anti-Sex Trafficking Sting Operations

Fears Grow FBI Using New ‘Black Identity Extremist’ Classification as Guise to Profile

FBI Searches Las Vegas Gunman’s House Again

FBI Evidence Said to Implicate Saudi Arabian Government in 9/11 Attacks

FBI Investigating Russian State-Run News Agency Sputnik, Report Says

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