Carter Page Was the Rule, Not the Exception: DOJ Inspector General Finds FBI Routinely Abused FISA Process

FBI Is Using Coronavirus Pandemic as an Excuse to Limit Public’s Access to Information

FBI Took ‘Relatively Rare’ Step, Wiretapped Retired DEA Supervisor as Part of Leak Investigation

Memo Confirms Attorney General Must Approve Future Investigations of Presidential Campaigns

The DOJ Really Doesn’t Want You to Know What Jared Kushner Told the FBI

‘As If They’re Trolling’: The FBI Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day in a Tweet

AG Barr Makes It Harder for Federal Authorities to Investigate Presidential Campaigns

Kevin McCarthy Told ‘1984-esque’ Lies About FBI Spying on Trump Campaign: Lawyers

After Exposing FISA Application Failures, OIG Orders Audit of FBI’s Surveillance of U.S. Citizens

National Security Law Expert: OIG Report Showed a ‘Disturbing Level of Sloppiness’ by FBI

Inspector General Horowitz ‘Surprised’ by John Durham’s Statement on FISA Report

Lisa Page Sues FBI and DOJ Over Invasion of Privacy: ‘It Was Illegal’

Here’s Why the FBI Might Want to Interview the Ukraine Whistleblower

DOJ Court Filing Reveals FBI’s Justification for Withholding Brett Kavanaugh Background Check Info

National Security Law Expert: FBI Believes Rudy Giuliani May Pose ‘National Security Threat’ to U.S.

Federal Judge Declares FBI Terror Watchlist Is Unconstitutional

‘Fiddling While Rome Burns’: Experts Criticize OIG Report, Defend James Comey

Federal Agents Raid the Home of United Auto Workers Union President

‘I Thank God Everyday Donald John Trump Is President’: FBI Arrests Neo-Nazi for Allegedly Threatening Hispanic Women

Fed. Judge Slams FBI’s ‘Mulligan’ in CNN’s James Comey Memo Litigation

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