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Court Says FBI-Run Child Porn Site Shouldn’t Have Been Used to Nab Offender, Lets it Slide Anyway

Here’s the Real Reason Why Republicans Don’t Want an FBI Investigation

FBI Agents Association Apparently Hits Back at Trump over ‘Cancer’ Statement

Iconic Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers Have Been Found 13 Years After Being Stolen

‘Major Crack in Government’s Defenses’: We May Finally Learn How the FBI Handled the Steele Dossier

FBI to Have Strzok and Page Preserve Records on Personal Devices as Part of FOIA Lawsuit

There Would be Nothing Illegal Even If the FBI Really Had Trump Informant

New Emails Reveal the FBI Advised Comey to Meet With Mueller Prior to Testifying in Front of Congress

Five Bombshells in OIG Report Saying FBI’s Andrew McCabe Lied Under Oath

Why the Heck are Feds Seizing Access Hollywood Tape Records in Michael Cohen Raid

Here’s How to Answer So-Called ‘Legal Analysis’ from the Pro-Trump Camp About Michael Cohen Raid

Rudy Giuliani Gives the Most Bizarre Explanation Yet for Cohen FBI Raid

3 Main Takeaways from NYTimes Report on FBI Raid of Michael Cohen’s Office

DOJ Inspector General to Investigate FBI FISA Practices

Docs Reveal How FBI Secretly Used Best Buy’s Geek Squad to Stop Cyber Crimes

The FBI is Looking Into Ivanka Trump’s Foreign Business Deals

Can the FBI Be Legally on the Hook for the Parkland School Shooting?

The Grassley Memo No One is Talking About is Far More Important Than Nunes

FBI Weirdly Brags About Nailing Russian Espionage Suspect — But It’s Old News

Don’t Share Pedophilia Video Even If Trying to Catch Perp, Say Officials

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