false report

Florida Woman Accused Sheriff’s Deputy of Rape, Now She Faces a Felony Charge for it

Police: Security Guard Shot Himself, Blamed Nonexistent Black Man in Hoodie

Man Arrested For Lying About Being Stabbed for Looking Like Neo-Nazi

WATCH: Irate Passenger Who Falsely Accused Uber Driver of Rape Banned For Life

Student Admits Making False Rape Charges to Get Sympathy From a Guy, Police Say

Report: Rio Prosecutors Offer Ryan Lochte Plea Deal to Make Charges Go Away

Cop’s Wife Accused of Staging Robbery She Blamed on Black Lives Matter

Reporting a Fake Clown Sighting May Get You Arrested, Sheriff Warns

Professor Blames ‘Racialized Language’ on Campus for Hate Crime Hoax

Man Accused of Faking Own Disappearance to Avoid Legal Problems

Angry Man Who Wasn’t Searched Tells Security ‘I Have a Bomb’: Cops

Man Charged With ‘Faking’ a Bloody Bear Attack

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