State Dept. Reopens Its Own Investigation into Clinton’s Emails

Paul Ryan Says Clinton Should Not Have Access to Classified Information During Campaign

After Recommendation Not to Indict, Congress Demands FBI Director Explain Himself

Sorry Hillary-Haters, ‘Extreme Carelessness’ is Not Enough to Indict Clinton

FBI Interviews Clinton as Part of Email Investigation

Report: Hillary Clinton Might Have Received Email That Was Already Classified

Judge Demands Clinton Aide Reveal Details of Immunity Agreement with Feds

Clinton Aide Doesn’t Want Deposition Videotaped for Fear It Will Make Him Look Guilty

Hillary Clinton’s Emails Now Might Finally Take Her Down

Clinton Tech Says Hillary’s Private Email System Was ‘Attacked’ Forcing Server Shutdown

State Dept. Audit Blames Clinton for Email Management

Hillary Clinton on Email Probe: ‘No One Has Reached Out to Me’

Judge Approves Plan for Clinton Email Depositions; Says Hillary May Have to Testify

FBI is Now Getting Crucial ‘Roadmap’ From Clinton Aide About Emails

RNC Sues for Emails, Texts, From Hillary Clinton and Her Staff

State Department Takes Action After Private Email Use By Past Secretaries

Justice Dept. Finds No Foreign Hacking of Clinton’s Private Emails

More Trouble For Hillary Clinton, Classified E-Mail Total Reaches 1,666

Bad Legal News for Hillary, Feds Subpoena Clinton Foundation Documents

Former FBI Asst. Director Calls Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Answer Wishful Thinking

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