Century-Old Headless Torso Found in Idaho Caves Finally Identified

Trump Admin Slashes Obama Era Rule That Kept Feds From Collecting Undocumented Immigrants’ DNA

Police Make an Arrest in Cold Case Rape and Murder From 1972 — Using DNA Found on a Coffee Cup

‘DJ Freez’ Pleads Guilty in 1992 Murder of Teacher After Genealogical Database Linked Him to the Crime

Accused ‘Golden State Killer’ DNA Search Reveals Serious Gaps in Online Privacy Agreements

How ‘Discarded DNA’ Helped Cops Legally Catch the Suspected Golden State Killer

Report: GOP Staffers Helped Draft ‘Muslim Ban,’ Forced to Sign NDAs

Boulder Police Exploring New DNA Testing in JonBenet Ramsey Case

Improper Handling of DNA Evidence Alleged in Nick Hillary Murder Case

Man Legally Forced to Pay Child Support Even After DNA Test Proves He’s Not Dad

Duke Lacrosse Rape Case Prosecutor is in Trouble…Again!

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