Border Patrol Agents Falsified Documents with Fake Court Dates to Deport People Back to Mexico

Trump Admin Plans to Bypass Congress, Appoint Immigration Hardliner to Head DHS: Report

Trump’s ‘Border Czar’ Accuses Acting DHS Secretary of ‘Resisting’ ICE

Homeland Security Advisers Abandon Kirstjen Nielsen Over ‘Immoral’ Family Separation Policy

Homeland Security Officials Interrupt CBS Interview with ICE Whistleblower (Watch)

In New Court Filing, Parents Suing Over Family Separation Say They Want Answers and They Want Them Now

American Academy of Pediatrics President Calls Trump Family Separation Policy Child Abuse (Video)

WaPo Op-Ed Columnist Megan McArdle Wants Kids to ‘Gang Rush Shooters’

Trump DHS Official: ‘Societies And Nations For Millennia Have Suffered Greatly’ For Accepting LGBT Citizens

DHS Secretary Nielsen: Trump No Longer Wants A Full Length Border Wall

DHS Nominee Possibly Broke Law by Accepting Help from Wrong Person, Says Legal Group

Undocumented Immigrants Will Be Given Free Attorneys In Major Metro Areas

‘Domestic Terrorist Violence’: FBI, DHS Warn About Antifa in Midst of Escalating Violence

Trump Grants 15,000 Visas To Foreign Workers During ‘Made In America’ Week

Russia Targeted 21 States’ Election Systems, Trump Admin Official Says

President Trump Will Stick With Obama ‘Dreamer’ Program

Senators Demand Answers After Undocumented Immigrant Deported 10 Times is Accused of Raping Teen

What’s Behind Mysterious ‘Disclaimer’ on Top of DHS/FBI Big Russia Hacking Report

Lawsuit Challenges DHS Mandate Requiring Taxpayer-Funded Sex Reassignment Surgery

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