Justin Bieber Cites Trump in Effort to Keep Deposition Video Under Wraps, Report Says

Report: Bill Cosby Will Seek a Plea Deal in Hopes of Avoiding Prison Time

Clinton State Department IT Director Takes the Fifth 87 Times

In ‘Unprecedented Move’, Judge Orders Fmr. CIA Officials to Testify About Enhanced Interrogation Program

Lawyer Allegedly Challenged Deposition Witness to Gunfight: ‘Are You Ready for It!’

Trump in New Deposition Video: ‘I’ve Been Saying These Things For Years’ About Mexicans

Judge to Decide On Possible Clinton Deposition, Considering Written Questions Instead

Watchdog Group Seeks to Question Hillary Clinton Under Oath in FOIA Lawsuit

State Dept. Official Testifies Hillary Clinton First Secretary of State to Ever Send Him Email

Five Key Takeaways From Huma Abedin’s Deposition Testimony

Top Aide Runs in Circles In Newly Released Clinton Email Deposition

Watchdog Group Fights Clinton Aide Who Doesn’t Want Deposition Videotaped

Former Top Clinton Aide Refuses to Answer Deposition Questions In FOIA Lawsuit

State Department Tries to Block Deposition of Hillary Clinton: ‘Wholly Inappropriate’

Attorney Claims Trump Wouldn’t Let Her Break to Breast Pump During Deposition

UPDATE: Judge Grants Request to Keep Clinton Email Deposition Video Secret

Former Top Clinton Aide Already Trying to Block Release of Videotaped Deposition

Former Aide Set to Testify in Clinton E-Mail Civil Lawsuit

Judge Approves Plan for Clinton Email Depositions; Says Hillary May Have to Testify

Bill Cosby Lawyers Want Deposition on Drugs, Affairs to be Resealed

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