Looks Like Two Crucial Court Cases Won’t Be Decided Before Senate GOP Ends Impeachment Trial

Democrats File Multiple Petitions Asking SCOTUS to Intervene in Obamacare Fight

House Democrats Are Getting Ready for Another Obamacare Fight

Offical Dem Twitter #Resists Brett Kavanaugh, But Can’t Even Use the Right White Guy Picture

Trump Complains About ’13 Angry Democrats’ Running Russia Probe. Except That’s Not True

Democrat Suggests Taking Up Arms Against Trump, and People are Triggered

Menendez Jury Says It’s Deadlocked; Judge Says To Continue

FLASHBACK: Obama Administration Signed Off On The Use of Bump Stocks in 2010

Insurance Lobby Bought Off Texas Politicians Just In Time To Reap A Harvey Windfall

Senate Dems Will ‘Grind Chamber to a Halt’ Over GOP Healthcare Bill

Democratic Congressman Wants to Force Trump Tax Disclosures

Political Fights over Supreme Court Seats Nothing New

New State Bill Would Purge Universities of Liberal Professors

House Dems Now Want Their Own Voter Fraud Investigation

Dems Call for Hearing Citing Trump’s Tweets About Conflict-of-Interest

Voters Complain of Ballots Pre-Filled for Democrats

UPDATE: Roger Stone Calls Dems’ Effort to Shut Down Polling Operation ‘Elitist Arrogance’

Pentagon Official Accused of Helping Dems Stonewall Benghazi Committee

House Democrats Stage Sit-In Over Gun Control, Republicans Shut Off C-SPAN Coverage

New Gallup Poll Reveals Americans Want Fewer ‘Assault Rifles,’ More Concealed Carry Weapons

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