Alan Dershowitz Strikes Back Against David Boies, Sues Him for Waging ‘War of Defamation’

Trump Responds to Rape Accuser’s ‘Burdensome’ DNA Request by Asking Court to Delay Lawsuit

Trump Lawyer’s Defense: The President Wasn’t Calling Stormy Daniels a Liar, He Was ‘Calling B.S.’

Roy Moore Sues Conservative Media Outlet for Reporting on Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Alex Jones and InfoWars Ordered to Pay More Than $100,000 in Sandy Hook Legal Fees

Peter Strzok Should Sue Trump for Defamation and Push Back Against Presidential Immunity

Constitutional Law Prof: Rep. Nunes’s Lawsuit Threat Could Do ‘Greater Damage’ to Trump Than the Media

Court Shuts Down New York Times Request for Rehearing on Decision That Revived Sarah Palin Lawsuit

Summer Zervos Files Phone Records That She Says Corroborate Claim Trump Sexually Assaulted Her

Joe Arpaio Tried to Sue CNN Because Chris Cuomo Falsely Called Him a Felon. He Failed Miserably.

Summer Zervos Claims ‘Confidential’ Trump Org Docs Provide ‘Irrefutable Proof’ Trump Sexually Assaulted Her

Alan Dershowitz: ‘If My False Accuser Stops Lying About Me, I Will Stop Telling the Truth About Her’

Conservative Network Files $10M Defamation Lawsuit Against Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

Texas Judge Dismisses Alex Jones’s Appeal in Sandy Hook Defamation Case

A Blogger Called Diamond & Silk ‘Racist’. They Threatened To Sue, and It’s Pretty Hilarious.

Potential Trump Lawsuit Against Lawrence O’Donnell Could ‘Backfire’ by Making Deutsche Bank Docs Part of Discovery

New York Times Lawyers: Court Erroneously Revived Sarah Palin’s Defamation Lawsuit

$57 Million Case Against NPR’s Seth Rich Conspiracy Coverage Moves Forward

Despite Procedural Win, Sarah Palin’s Lawsuit Has a Snowball’s Chance

Sarah Palin Wins Appeal Reviving Defamation Lawsuit Against New York Times (UPDATED)

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