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Trump Appears to Play Dumb About Tweets in Summer Zervos Defamation Case

Stormy Daniels’ New Lawsuit Against Trump Has ‘Yuge’ Legal Hurdle in Front of It

McCabe’s Defamation Claim Against Trump is a Total Loser

President Trump’s Measured Response to Stormy Daniels Interview is the Perfect Strategy

Stormy Daniels Adds Defamation Claim to Lawsuit Against Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen

Former Fox News Anchor Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Bill O’Reilly

‘No One is Above the Law’: Court Smacks Down Trump’s Immunity Claim in Summer Zervos Lawsuit

After Being Hit With Libel Lawsuit, Alex Jones Makes Crazy Video Invoking ’12th Dimensional Helix’

In Expressing Desire to Toughen Up Libel Laws, Trump Ends Up Suggesting Something Far Weaker

Trump Lawyer Files Lawsuit Over Steele Dossier, And He Actually Has Good Case

Wolff’s Admission to Lies in His Book Puts Him in Legal Jeopardy

Bannon Should Hit Trump with Defamation Suit of His Own, and He Might Even Win

Trump’s Threatened Defamation Suit Against Bannon is Another Legal Loser

Brett Ratner Accuser Claims Director Using Libel Lawsuit to Scare Other Victims

EXCLUSIVE: Former The Young Turks Reporter Files $23.5 Million Defamation Suit Against HuffPo Over Sexual Assault Story

Moore Accuser Beverly Nelson Has Solid Defamation Case Against Fox News and Breitbart

President Trump Just Made It Even Easier For His Accusers To Win In Court

Scaramucci Threatens Law Student, Comes Off Like A Whiny Brat

Rod Wheeler Drops Race Discrimination Claim Against Fox News

Why Harvey Weinstein’s Suit Against The New York Times Is Going Nowhere Fast

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