Conservative Network Files $10M Defamation Lawsuit Against Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

Texas Judge Dismisses Alex Jones’s Appeal in Sandy Hook Defamation Case

A Blogger Called Diamond & Silk ‘Racist’. They Threatened To Sue, and It’s Pretty Hilarious.

Potential Trump Lawsuit Against Lawrence O’Donnell Could ‘Backfire’ by Making Deutsche Bank Docs Part of Discovery

New York Times Lawyers: Court Erroneously Revived Sarah Palin’s Defamation Lawsuit

$57 Million Case Against NPR’s Seth Rich Conspiracy Coverage Moves Forward

Despite Procedural Win, Sarah Palin’s Lawsuit Has a Snowball’s Chance

Sarah Palin Wins Appeal Reviving Defamation Lawsuit Against New York Times (UPDATED)

Laura Loomer Sues Facebook for Billions of Dollars in Response to Ban

GOP State Senator’s Defamation Lawsuit Thrown Out Due to Public Speech Law He Voted For

Things Just Got $22 Million Dollars Worse for Ultra-Progressive Oberlin College

‘Inflammatory Rhetoric’: WaPo Trashes Nick Sandmann’s Lawsuit as Political Stunt

#YachtCocaineProstitutes Is What Happens When You File a Meritless Lawsuit

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Scores Legal Victory Over Black Lives Matter Activist

Nick Sandmann’s Lawyers May Have Just Cost Him Millions with a Rookie Mistake

Trump Wants SNL ‘Looked Into’; If He Does Take Action, NBC Would Be the Ones Laughing

Congressman Accuses Reporter of Defamation After Metaphor Goes Over His Head

Joe Arpaio Sues News Media for $300 Million

Melania Trump Should Really Stop Talking About Mira Ricardel Before She Gets Sued

Bill O’Reilly Wins Arbitration Dispute Against Former Fox News Anchor

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