Trump Shamelessly Breaks Promise, Obviously Infringes on Copyright by Playing ‘Purple Rain’ at Rally

Trump Might Own the Rights to the Next Stormy Daniels Strip Show

How Trump Quietly Ensured He’d Get Rich(er) If Stormy Daniels Dished Dirt on Him

Twitter Still Hasn’t Pulled Wikileaks’ Link to Fire and Fury, Despite Clear Violation of Copyright Policy

Three People Arrested for Spoiling Comic Book

During Hearing, Justice Sotomayor Asks What If You Tried To Trademark ‘Trump is a Thief’?

Here’s Why You Won’t See Much of MLK’s ‘I Have a Dream’ Speech on TV

Skittles Photographer Sues Trump Over Tweet for Copyright Infringement

City of Phoenix Accuses Trump of Violating Law With Ad Featuring Police Officers

Notorious ‘Porno-Troll’ Lawyer Finally Loses Law License

How Tweeting an Iconic 9/11 Photo Could Get John McCain in Legal Trouble

Founders of Popular File Sharing Site Indicted For Allegedly Laundering Millions

Megaupload Founder Loses Bid To Regain Control of $67 Million Fortune

Madonna Wins; ‘Vogue’ Sample Was Perfectly Legal

New E-Mails Show ‘Eager’ Prosecutor Pushed For 2014 Federal Panty Raid

Led Zeppelin Accused of Stealing ‘Stairway to Heaven’ From Another Artist

Good Luck Finding Prince Songs for Free on the Internet

Fox News Settles Lawsuit Over Iconic 9/11 Firefighter Photo

Sports Video Game Developers are in For Some Legal Trouble

Court Rules That Monkey Who Took Awesome Selfie Doesn’t Own Picture

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