‘It’s a Kind of Kidnapping’: Immigration Officers Detain U.S. Citizen Children at Chicago Airport

Federal Judge Swayed by Argument R. Kelly Poses ‘Extreme Danger to Community,’ Denies Bail

‘Not a Difficult Case’: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Construction of Barack Obama Presidential Center

Chicago Police ‘Assume’ 2 Women Ripped Baby from Teenager’s Womb to Raise as Their Own

Chicago Police: 19-Year-Old Pregnant Woman Strangled, Baby ‘Forcibly Removed’ from Her Womb

Campaign Volunteer Canvassing in Chicago Shot While Streaming on Facebook Live (VIDEO)

Inmates Clap as Officers Lead Suspected Cop Killer Past Cell (VIDEO)

Kushner’s Lawyer is Part of the Fight Against Trump Immigration Policies

Chicago to File Federal Lawsuit Over Sanctuary Cities Threat

Entire Seventh Circuit Will Hear Making A Murderer’s Brendan Dassey Case

Chicago Officials Sent Emails Calling Black People ‘Wild Animals’; Offered ‘Safari Tours’

3 Chicago Officers Face Arraignment in Laquan McDonald Case

Chicago Man Killed After Demanding Alleged Gunman Apologize For Swearing At His Sister

Viral Video May Prove United Misled Feds During 2014 Rule Change Process

Cops’ Side of Story About Viral United Passenger Removal Video Gets Even Weirder

Police Say Teen Sexually Assaulted on Facebook Live Has Been Getting Harassed over Incident

Gangs Reap Guns from Trains in Violent Chicago Neighborhoods

Man Charged in Shooting Death of Chicago Toddler

Fmr Top Obama Aide Ordered to Pay $90K Fine for Illegally Lobbying on Uber’s Behalf

Appellate Court Takes Up ‘Making a Murderer’ Inmate’s Case

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