‘Bridgegate’ Case Heads to SCOTUS. It’s More Similar to Trump’s Impeachment Than You Know.

Gov. Christie Tries to Shield NJ from Trump Tax Plan

Sentencing Scheduled for Man Who Orchestrated ‘Bridgegate’

Unsealed Bridge Case Document Shows Juror Sought Dismissal

2nd Christie Aide Gets 18 Months in Prison

Ex-Christie Aide Gets Prison Term for Bridge Revenge Plot

Prosecutor Won’t Press Charges Against NJ Gov. Chris Christie in ‘Bridgegate’ Scandal

Fmr Christie Aides Want ‘Bridgegate’ Convictions Thrown Out, New Trial

Fmr Christie Aides Found Guilty on All Counts in Bridgegate Trial

Chris Christie Summoned For Official Misconduct Charges in Bridgegate Scandal

Prosecutors Say Christie Knew About ‘Bridgegate’ WHEN it Happened

Bridgegate Lawyers: Chris Christie Deleted Messages, Withheld Emails

Names of Unindicted Co-Conspirators in ’Bridgegate’ to be Made Public

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