Brett Kavanaugh

That Time Brett Kavanaugh Sat There as Ken Starr Argued Clinton’s Invocation of Privileges Was an ‘Abuse’

Endangered Sen. Susan Collins Targeted for Supporting Trump’s Anti-Obamacare Judges

Ed Whelan: Republicans Would Replace RBG During Presidential Election Year

‘Rehabilitate a Sexual Predator’: Digital Ads to Trash Kavanaugh, Federalist Society

‘Logjam and Gridlock’: Kavanaugh Concurrence Signals Radical Shift on Supreme Court

Anthony Kennedy’s Final SCOTUS Decisions Called into Question After Revelation of Trump Meeting

Anthony Kennedy Recommended Kavanaugh to Trump After Swearing in Gorsuch: Forthcoming Book

Liberal Court-Packing Group’s Call for Brett Kavanaugh to Recuse Himself Was a Hypocritical Publicity Stunt

Judicial Reform Group Demands Kavanaugh Recuse Himself From LGBT Rights Cases After Posing With Anti-LGBT Group

DOJ Court Filing Reveals FBI’s Justification for Withholding Brett Kavanaugh Background Check Info

One Day After Public Event, DOJ Honors Lawyers in Private for Work on Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination

GOP Votes to Advance Nomination of Ardent Kavanaugh Supporter Despite ‘Not Qualified’ ABA Rating

New Poll Suggests Sen. Susan Collins’ Support for Brett Kavanaugh Will End Her Career

Sen. Susan Collins Is Fundraising Off of Vote to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS

Supreme Court to Hear First Abortion Case With Trump-Appointed Justices on the Bench

Is Susan Collins’ Kavanaugh Support Coming Back to Haunt Her? Warren Campaign Is Spending Big to Unseat Her

Twitter Users Destroy Ben Shapiro After He Demands to Know What Brett Kavanaugh’s Penis Looks Like

The Washington Post Learned of New Claim Against Kavanaugh Last Year, Decided Not to Publish a Story

New York Times Criticized for ‘Outrageous Omission’ in Brett Kavanaugh Story

Probably Not Good Idea for Brett Kavanaugh to Sue for Libel over Sex Assault Allegations

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