Brett Kavanaugh

Progressives Demand Immediate Investigation into Brett Kavanaugh’s ‘Sham Confirmation’

Judicial Council Reaffirms Decision to Dismiss 83 Ethics Complaints Against Kavanaugh

Judge Uses Brett Kavanaugh to Pile on Trump in Summer Zervos Decision

Kavanaugh Statement in Religious Freedom Case Appears to Prove the Naysayers All Wrong

Kavanaugh’s Dissent On Abortion Case Proves Everything We Already Knew About His ‘Judicial Temperament’

Plot Twist: Brett Kavanaugh’s Lawyers Will Combat Sexual Assault Allegation Against Justin Fairfax

Left-Wing Legal Groups Blast Trump’s Kavanaugh Replacement for ‘Blaming Sexual Assault on Survivors’ Just Ahead of Hearings

‘If There Was No Sperm You Must Confirm’: Pro-Kavanaugh Meme and More Has University Appointee in Hot Water

Trump’s Kavanaugh Replacement Once Wrote About ‘A Good Way to Avoid Date Rape’

Judicial Ethics Complaints Against Brett Kavanaugh Dismissed Because He’s on the Supreme Court Now

Kavanaugh Sides With Liberals in Planned Parenthood Decision, and Conservative Justices Are Not Happy

After Backlash, WaPo Changes ‘Public Safety’ Tag on Article About Kavanaugh Coaching Girls Basketball

Top Dem Says He Will Investigate Whether White House Interfered in the FBI’s Kavanaugh Probe

Dems Take the House, Here’s Why Trump Is in Huge Legal Trouble Now

Top 5 Ways Democratic Control of the House Poses ‘Significant’ Legal Problems for Trump

‘The Word Feral Came to Mind’: Woman Recalls ‘Frightening Side’ of Brett Kavanaugh 20 Years Later

‘I Was Angry’: Woman Referred to DOJ and FBI for Alleged False Rape Claim Against Kavanaugh

Upcoming Brett Kavanaugh Ceremony Will Break SCOTUS Tradition Due to ‘Security Concerns’

Is Trump Really About to Use the Brett Kavanaugh Calendar Defense to Defeat Summer Zervos?

Our First Look at Man Who Allegedly Threatened to Murder Senators Who Supported Brett Kavanaugh

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