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Ahead of His Sentencing, Cosby Makes Huge Changes to Legal Team and Squashes Divorce Rumor

Juror Reveals Key Evidence that Convinced Him to Convict Bill Cosby (WATCH)

After Cosby Conviction, Another Accuser Moves Forward with Lawsuit

Bill Cosby Unloads ‘Expletive-Laden Tirade’ at Prosecutor Who Made Flight Risk Joke

Watch: Press Conference After Bill Cosby Guilty Verdict

‘You Need to Listen’: Gloria Allred Gets into Spat with Cosby Publicist Outside Courtroom (WATCH)

Topless Protester Charges at Bill Cosby as Sexual Assault Retrial Begins (VIDEO)

Jury Selection Stopped After Cosby Team Claims Racial Discrimination by Prosecutors

Cosby Judge Refuses to Recuse After Defense Complained His Wife Was Sexual Assault Advocate

5 Accusers Allowed to Testify At Bill Cosby’s Upcoming Sexual Assault Trial

Bill Cosby Makes ‘Me Too’ Joke with Female Reporter Because Of Course He Did

Accusers Face Risks in Breaking Nondisclosure Agreements

Colleges Review Honors Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Janice Dickinson Wins Appeal, Heads Towards Trial in Cosby Defamation Case

Sorry, Rose McGowan, No One’s Trying to ‘Silence You.’

Sorry, Rose McGowan, No One’s Trying to ‘Silence You.’

Why Harvey Weinstein Faces Much More Serious Legal Problems Than Bill Cosby

Cosby’s Retrial Delayed as New Lawyers Join Case

Cosby Hires Michael Jackson’s Lawyer for Sex Assault Retrial

Cosby Sex Assault Accuser Arrested on Drug Charges

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