Attorney General

Barr’s Role in Case Against His Old Law Firm’s Major Investment Bank Client Raises Eyebrows

Appellate Court Calls Out DOJ For ‘Flatly Refusing’ to Implement Decision in Immigration Case

Former Federal Prosecutors: AG Barr’s Warning to ‘Communities’ That Don’t Support Police Was ‘Despicable’

Prominent Conservative Lawyers: Barr’s Views on Executive Power Are ‘Incongruous’ with Checks and Balances

Fed Judge: ‘Difficult to Reconcile’ Mueller Report with AG Barr’s Statements

Paul Manafort’s Lawsuit is Dead-On-Arrival, and Everyone Knows It

NY AG Schneiderman Pretty Much Confirms That He Could Become Trump’s Biggest Nightmare

Trump Might be Able to Fire Mueller, Without Actually Firing Mueller

The Latest GOP Request to Sessions is Seriously Stupid (Yes, It Involves Clinton)

Why The Heck Was Jeff Sessions Hanging Out With This Group?

Despite What Jeff Sessions Says, Comey Firing Could Pose Recusal Problem

Sessions’ Disastrous New ‘Tough on Crime’ Policy Could Do Far More Harm Than Good

NY AG: Tillerson Used Fake Name To Talk Climate Change

Sorry, Fox Fans, Firing Preet Bharara Isn’t ‘Phony Scandal’

Lawmakers Expand Attorney General Powers to Resist Trump

Maryland Lawmakers Expand AG Powers Due to Trump

Schumer: ‘I Will Oppose’ Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

Sessions Gets it Really Wrong, Calls Roe v. Wade Unconstitutional

MSNBC Guest: Jeff Sessions Would ‘Start Bringing Civil Rights Cases on Behalf of White People’

Trump’s New AG Jeff Sessions Called NAACP ‘Un-American’ for ‘Forcing Civil Rights’

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