anita hill

‘Despicable — and Telling’: Joe Biden Dragged on Twitter for Waiting Two Decades to Apologize to Anita Hill

Yes, the FBI Actually Has Investigated Allegations Like Christine Blasey Ford’s Before

Clarence Thomas’ Wife Apparently Thinks Jim Jordan’s Sexual Abuse Scandal is an Elite Conspiracy

Anita Hill Says Thomas, Weinstein Part Of Arc Toward Justice

Joe Biden Apparently Made a Locker Room Promise to Make Sure Anita Hill’s Testimony was ‘Very Quick’

This Video Of Joe Biden Getting Way Too Close To Young Girls Is Disturbing (WATCH)

Smithsonian Made Big Mistake By Snubbing Clarence Thomas at New African-American History Museum

Justice Clarence Thomas is Nowhere to be Found in New Black History Smithsonian

Video of Anita Hill’s Testimony During Clarence Thomas Confirmation Hearings

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