Supreme Court

What to Know About the ‘Faithless Electors’ Case SCOTUS Has Agreed to Resolve

Bernie Sanders Is First 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate to Consider SCOTUS Shortlist

Chief Justice Roberts Praises Merrick Garland, Celebrates Independent Judiciary in Year-End Report

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Gets First Crack at Trump’s Deutsche Bank Petition

Ed Whelan: Republicans Would Replace RBG During Presidential Election Year

SCOTUS’s Tax Return Moment Has Arrived: Trump Asks High Court to Keep Finances Secret

Judicial Reform Group Demands Kavanaugh Recuse Himself From LGBT Rights Cases After Posing With Anti-LGBT Group

Justices Ginsburg and Thomas Duel in Footnotes as Supreme Court Upholds Fetal Burial Law

Supreme Court Justice Uses Steak Recipe to Dispute Court’s Ruling in Alien Detention Case

Eric Holder: Dems Should Add Two Additional Supreme Court Justices to Counter GOP ‘Power Grab’

Clarence Thomas Sides with Cosby, Wants to Change How We Handle Celebrity Defamation

SCOTUS Denial of Larrabee Case Could Get Vets Court-Martialed for Speaking Out Against Trump

Conservative Justices Don’t Seem Pleased with Scalia’s Decision Against Religious Drug Use

Trump Admin Gets Another Win for Transgender Military Ban with Supreme Court Ruling

Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Miss Oral Arguments For the First Time in Her Career

Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Case Where Manafort, Trump Should Be Listening

This Supreme Court Case Might Make Manafort Pardon Very Likely

High Court Issue: Police Abuse vs. Free Speech

Chief Justice John Roberts Scolds President Trump for ‘Obama Judge’ Remark

Kavanaugh’s Protection of Executive Branch Could Be on Full Display This Week

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