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Supreme Court

Trump Reportedly Upset with Gorsuch for Being Too Liberal

Conservative Poster Boy Neil Gorsuch Just Sided With the Court’s ‘Liberals’ on Immigration

GOP Lawyer Accuses Democrats of ‘Rigging an Election’ in SCOTUS Gerrymander Case

Trump Proposes Completely Illegal Measure to Combat Future Spending Bills

GOP Senator Says Justice Kennedy ‘Is Going to Retire’ This Summer, Predicts Replacement

SCOTUS Decides Not to Get Involved in DACA Debate — For Now

Fmr NY Times Editor Calls For Clarence Thomas Impeachment Over Groping Allegation

In Scathing Dissent, Clarence Thomas Blasts SCOTUS for Not Hearing Second Amendment Case

Bathroom Bigots Rejoice as Dept. of Ed Refuses to Investigate Transgender Bathroom Complaints

SCOTUS Knocks Down GOP Attempt to Block Pennsylvania Redistricting

Justice Thomas Wrote About Thongs, Strippers and Lap Dances and His Opinion Only Gets Better

Justice Scalia Was Apparently Huge Fan Of Donald Trump’s White House Bid

Justices Give Georgia Death Row Inmate New Round of Appeals

Told Their Treehouse Must Go, Owners Appeal To Supreme Court

Paul Manafort’s Lawsuit is Dead-On-Arrival, and Everyone Knows It

The Only Sure Thing About Masterpiece Cakeshop Is Justice Kennedy’s Confusion

Trump Admin: Bakers Can Advertise That They Discriminate Against Gay Couples

Today’s Oral Arguments About Whether Bakers Have to Bake for Gay People Shouldn’t Be an Argument

For Second Time This Year, Supreme Court Suspends Wrong Guy

Supreme Court Rejects 2 Gun Rights Appeals

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