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The Only Sure Thing About Masterpiece Cakeshop Is Justice Kennedy’s Confusion

Trump Admin: Bakers Can Advertise That They Discriminate Against Gay Couples

Today’s Oral Arguments About Whether Bakers Have to Bake for Gay People Shouldn’t Be an Argument

For Second Time This Year, Supreme Court Suspends Wrong Guy

Supreme Court Rejects 2 Gun Rights Appeals

‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It’: Legal Expert Shocked By Trump Admin Abortion Petition to SCOTUS

Trump Mocks Ginsburg and Sotomayor’s Health; Predicts He’ll Replace Them Soon: Report

In Pure #RBG Style, Ginsburg Publicly Takes Down Gorsuch

Justice Ginsburg Blames Sexism For Clinton’s Loss: ‘Major, Major Factor’

Gorsuch Set to Speak to Organization With Alleged Ties To Islamophobia

Justices Grant Execution Stay to Consider Juror Racial Bias

Gorsuch Accused of Breaking Rules With Upcoming Speech At Trump’s D.C. Hotel

SCOTUS Asked to Decide Whether First Amendment Protects Sexting With Minors

Justices Allow Trump Administration Ban on Most Refugees

SCOTUS Justice Gorsuch To Address Conservatives At…Trump International Hotel

In Blow to Trump Admin, SCOTUS Upholds Travel Ban Exemption for Extended Family

Gorsuch Already Broke His Promise, Proves to Be LGBT Enemy

Senate Dem Worries About ‘Extremism’ While Calling SCOTUS Justices ‘Horsemen of the Apocalypse’

Here’s Who Wins and Gets Screwed If Justice Kennedy Retires

SCOTUS Declines to Hear Gun Case, Leaves in Place Concealed-Carry Restriction

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