Law & Crime Network Host Lis Wiehl Launches New Radio Show with The Hill‘s Joe Concha

Appellate Court Slams CNN, Rules Against Network in Libel Case

UPDATE: Megyn Kelly’s Attorney Denies Report That She’s Looking for Extra Money to Remain Silent, Blames NBC for ‘False’ Story

Mark Fuhrman (Yes, That Mark Fuhrman) is Getting is Own Show on Fox, and He’s Going to Discuss O.J.

New Bill Would Force Foreign Media Like Al Jazeera to Register with U.S. Government

Les Moonves, CBS Execs Accused of Destroying Evidence in New Court Filing

Radio Hosts Taken Off Air for Calling State Attorney General ‘Turban Man’

MSNBC Host Cites Wrong Law to Attack White House Tweets

ICE Calls for Apologies After Fact-Checker Mistakenly Accuses Employee of Having Nazi Tattoo

Judge Approves Major AT&T-Time Warner Merger. It is a Go!

The Media Needs to Stop Hyperventilating… Hannity Did Not Tell Russia Probe Witnesses to Commit a Crime

Fmr Fox Guest Claims Lawyer Dropped Her So He Could Cash in with Big Settlement

FBI Looking into Whether MSNBC Host Joy Reid’s Blog Was Hacked, Lawyer Says

Philly Police Commissioner’s Apology to Starbucks Men is a Total Face-Palm Moment

AG Eric Schneiderman’s Clever Plan to Bypass Potential Trump Pardon, So He Could Get Cohen

Eleven Times James Comey Totally ‘Lawyered Out’ During ABC Interview

Before Boycotting Starbucks, You May Want to Read This

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Makes The Most Absurd Legal Claim Yet

Karen McDougal’s CNN Interview Definitely Violated Her Contract, But She’ll Still Come Out Ahead

Michael Cohen & Stormy Daniels Attorneys Have Epic Clash on CNN, Proving Both are Legally Clueless

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