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‘Put Him Out to Pasture’: Don Imus Accused of Age Discrimination Against Legendary Sportscaster in New Lawsuit

Trump Lawyer Files Lawsuit Over Steele Dossier, And He Actually Has Good Case

Newspaper Cans Editor for Blasting Driver’s License Gender Options

Trump Might be Able to Fire Mueller, Without Actually Firing Mueller

Suspected New York Terrorist’s Family Issues Beyond Tone-deaf Statement Attacking Police

Scaramucci Threatens Law Student, Comes Off Like A Whiny Brat

DOJ Files Lawsuit to Block AT&T-Time Warner Deal

Bill O’Reilly’s Old Contract Said He Couldn’t Be Fired for Harassment Without Court Decision

Hulk Hogan Lawyer Now Suing Jezebel for Defamation

Trump’s Lawyer Has Most Absurd Excuse for For Sending Out Secessionist Email

Trump Team Catfished by Email Trickster, and It’s Probably Completely Legal

Yes, President Trump Can Pardon Himself and It’s Not Clear Anyone Can Stop Him

President Trump’s Latest Brag Is Not Only Wrong, It’s Stupid Too

Why Megyn Kelly, NBC Deserves to Be Sued For Alex Jones Interview

What The Heck is Trump’s Personal Lawyer Doing Filing a Complaint With Trump’s Justice Department?

Team Trump’s Plan to Go After Comey Sounds a Lot Like Illegal ‘Retaliation’

Trump’s Next Move: Prosecuting Comey for Perjury?

Could James Comey Now Sue for Defamation?

Can the President Be Indicted While in Office? Here’s Why it Could Happen

Could James Comey Now Sue White House for Defamation?

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