Marine Murder Trial

Verdict is in for Murder Trial of U.S. Marine Cpl. Jonathan Price

One Defendant Accused of Murdering U.S. Marine Jonathan Price Has An Alibi

Watch: Marine Trial Sentencing Phase

Defense Attacks Link Between Bullets, Gun in Murder of U.S. Marine

Medics, Gun Buyers Testify in Case of Murdered U.S. Marine Cpl. Jonathan Price

Link Slowly Tightens Between Defendants and Murder of U.S. Marine Cpl. Jonathan Price

Widow of Murdered U.S. Marine Gives Tearful Testimony, Refuses to Identify Defendants During Trial

Marine Murder Trial: Defense Grills White Robbery Witness About Racist Facebook Post (WATCH)

Defense Says DNA Evidence Should Exonerate Defendants in Murder of U.S. Marine Jonathan Price (Watch)

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