Live Trials

Watch Live: Man on Trial for Allegedly Killing Family over His Obsession with Call Girl

Kemia Hassel Found Guilty of Getting Lover to Kill Her U.S. Army Sgt. Husband

Roy Coons Found Guilty in Murder of 12-Year-Old Yhoana Arteaga

Watch Live: Army Soldier on Trial Because She Allegedly Got Lover to Kill Her Sgt. Husband

Victim’s Mom Leaves Courtroom in Tears When Prosecutor Pulls Out Murder Weapon (VIDEO)

After He Asked for Death, Scott Nelson Sentenced to Life for Killing Jennifer Fulford

Juror Accused of Sleeping During Testimony About Alleged Murder of 2-Year-Old

Acosta Handed Epstein Possible Defense Argument in New Criminal Case, Legal Expert Says

Trump Labor Sec Alexander Acosta Addresses Jeffrey Epstein Debacle

Watch Live: Jennifer and Joseph Rosenbaum Tried in Death of Foster Child

‘I am a Homicidal Maniac’: Scott Nelson Takes Stand, Says He Wants Death Sentence (WATCH)

Roy Coons on Trial for Allegedly Murdering 12-Year-Old Neighbor Yhoana Arteaga

Mom of Kevin Spacey Accuser Says She Deleted Data From Phone, But Was Unrelated to Case

Criminal Case Against Kevin Spacey Appears to Be Crumbling

Man Who Said Kevin Spacey Sexually Assaulted Him Is Testifying

Convicted Murderer Claudia Hoerig Files Pro Se Appeal, Blames Everyone Else

Admitted Murderer Has Outburst in Court, Insists He’s Not Racist (WATCH)

Juror Kicked Off of Scott Nelson Case After Saying He Didn’t See Evidence for Death Penalty

Verdict Watch: Scott Nelson Penalty Phase in Murder of Nanny Jennifer Fulford

Florida Man Scott Nelson Found Guilty of Murdering Nanny Jennifer Fulford

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