Live Trials

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9 Shocking Times Defendants Testified at Trial

Court Filing: Lori Vallow Believed Her Children Were ‘Possessed and Had Become Zombies’

Union President Publicly Says That Harvey Weinstein Tested Positive for Coronavirus

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Devon Robinson Convicted of Killing Two Gay Men and a Transgender Woman in ‘Self-Hate’ Shooting

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Robert Durst Trial Is Going to Be Suspended Because of Coronavirus Outbreak, Report Says

Lori Vallow Is Having Trouble Getting Bailed Out of Jail

There’s Been a Mistrial in the Kelsie Thomas Murder Case

Lori Vallow’s Defense Wants a New Judge on the Case, But Didn’t Say Why

Attorney: Weinstein’s ‘Perfect Storm’ of Health Problems Sends Him Back to the Hospital

Los Angeles Prosecutors Say They’re Now Working on Extraditing Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein Claims Even Mimi Haleyi, Jessica Mann Would Say He’s Generous

Harvey Weinstein Sentenced to 23 Years for Rape and Sexual Assault

Publicist: Harvey Weinstein Has No Regret for a Criminal Act Because He Didn’t Commit Criminal Acts

Verdict Watch: Devon Robinson on Trial for the Murders of Two Gay Men, and a Trans Woman

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Robert Durst Defense Moves for Mistrial, Says Prosecutor Qualifies as Witness

Watch: Markeith Loyd Hearing in Alleged Murder of Police Lt. Debra Clayton

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