Caught On Video

‘Troubling’ Video Shows NYPD Forcefully Yanking Infant From Mother’s Arms

Teacher Faces Charges After Allegedly Forcibly Cutting Student’s Hair While Singing National Anthem (VIDEO)

‘Lynch Them All’: Video Shows White North Carolina Teenagers’ Shockingly Racist Rant

College Investigating After Video Shows Student Wearing MAGA Hat Peeing on Beto O’Rourke Shirt

Election Judge Resigns After Screaming at Confused Voter in Texas (VIDEO)

Thousands of Dollars Raised After Teacher Beats Up Student Who ‘Called Him the N-Word’ (VIDEO)

GOP Congressional Candidate Running Against Maxine Waters Compliments Anti-Semitic Sign (VIDEO)

‘Trump’s Deporting Your Illegal Cousins Today’: Trump Supporter Verbally Attacks Mother on Her Way to Vote

Akron Police Identify White Man Beaten in Viral Video as John King

GOP Leader Appears With Far-Right ‘Proud Boys’ Street Gang in ‘Attack’ on Democratic Campaign Office

Florida Cops Repeatedly Punch 14-Year-Old Girl While She’s Face Down on the Ground

White Woman Dubbed ‘Gas Station Gail’ Calls Police on Black Children After Anti-Violence Rally

TPUSA Chapter President ‘Runs Away’ When Pressed About Group Chats Containing Rape Jokes and ‘Jew Hate’

Police Release Shocking Bodycam Footage of Drunk Driving Suspect’s Alleged ‘Suicide by Cop’ (VIDEO)

GOP Senator David Perdue Rips Phone Away When Student Confronts Him (VIDEO)

‘Put Whatever You Need in There’; Texas Judge Accused of Issuing Blank Warrants

Dognappers Caught on Camera Pilfering Pooch Before Booking it in SUV (WATCH)

‘You Want to Learn About This?’; Republican Lashes Out After Being Asked About Opposing the Violence Against Women Act (WATCH)

‘Act Like a Lady’: Denver Cops Offer Ridiculous Reason for Detaining Journalist (VIDEO)

White Woman Goes on Racist Rant Against Arab-American Man After Allegedly Hitting His Car (VIDEO)

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