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GOP Senator David Perdue Rips Phone Away When Student Confronts Him (VIDEO)

‘Put Whatever You Need in There’; Texas Judge Accused of Issuing Blank Warrants

Dognappers Caught on Camera Pilfering Pooch Before Booking it in SUV (WATCH)

‘You Want to Learn About This?’; Republican Lashes Out After Being Asked About Opposing the Violence Against Women Act (WATCH)

‘Act Like a Lady’: Denver Cops Offer Ridiculous Reason for Detaining Journalist (VIDEO)

White Woman Goes on Racist Rant Against Arab-American Man After Allegedly Hitting His Car (VIDEO)

Antifa Activists Beat Down Liberal Protester for Holding American Flag (WATCH)

‘I’m Gonna Make Sure You Go Viral’: Man Allegedly Filmed Girl Changing, Mom Filmed the Rest

Woman Holds on Tight to Purse with $75K as Suspects Beat Her, Run Her Over with Car (VIDEO)

Video Shows Cop on Cell Phone Plowing Directly Into Stopped Cyclist (WATCH)

‘You Don’t Belong Anywhere’: White Woman Berates Biracial Family, Claims She’s the Victim (VIDEO)

Train Worker Didn’t Know What Women Were Doing in the Bathroom, Called Them Porn Stars Anyway (VIDEO)

Georgia Waitress Absolutely Devastates Man Who Grabbed Her Butt as He Walked Out (VIDEO)

White Man Gets Punched a Lot After Apparently Calling Black Man N-Word (VIDEO)

‘You Fat Mexican B*tches!’: White Women Scream at Hispanic Family During Physical Encounter (VIDEO)

Police Search for Sex Crime Suspect on Alleged 5-Day Spree Comes to ‘Shocking’ End at Gas Station (WATCH)

Teen Allegedly Assaulted at Burger Joint for Wearing MAGA Hat (Video)

Staffer Appears to Push Pro-Immigrant Protester Who Confronted Mitch McConnell Outside Home (VIDEO)

Woman Unleashes Profanity-Laced Rant Up and Down Aisle After Plane Lands for Passenger in Coma (VIDEO)

White Woman Echoes Trump in Anti-Mexican Rant Against California Construction Worker (WATCH)

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