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NFL Dropped the Ball on Josh Brown’s ‘Slap on the Wrist’ Suspension

#LochteGate: How Ryan Lochte and U.S. Swimmers May Be Subject to Brazilian Criminal Law

Rougned Odor’s Fight with Jose Bautista is Cue for MLB to Create New Player Safety Rules

Tom Brady’s Deflating 2nd Circuit Loss Leaves Him With Few Legal Options

Curt Schilling’s Firing from ESPN is Perfectly Acceptable (Legally)

Here are The Legal Obstacles That Await MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred in Year 2

Does The NFL Have a Defamation Case Against NY Times Over Concussion Story?

To Stay Alive, Daily Fantasy Sports Needs to Get Behind Regulation

NFL’s Own Recognition of CTE Link to Football is a Really Big Deal Legally

Steelers Receiver Martavis Bryant’s Chances of Fighting His Year-Long Suspension Look Grim

Deflategate Round 2: Why the NFL May Prevail Over Tom Brady This Time

Aroldis Chapman’s Suspension Could Have Major League Repercussions for the Future

Why Giants Player Jason Pierre-Paul Will Lose His Case Against ESPN and Reporter Adam Schefter

MLB Agent Faces Uphill Legal Battle After Being Charged With Smuggling In Player

Police May Have Had a Slam-Dunk Criminal Case Against Peyton Manning

Jenrry Mejia’s Legal Options After His Lifetime Ban from MLB

Why Football Star Johnny Manziel May Face Criminal Charges

Troubled Football Star Johnny Manziel Will Likely Play Again

Sports Video Game Developers are in For Some Legal Trouble

New York AG is Combatting Expensive NFL Ticket Resales and May Win

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