House Lawyers Use Trump’s Words Against DOJ in Letter to Court: ‘Can’t Have It Both Ways’

DOJ: Articles of Impeachment ‘Eliminate the Need’ to Resolve McGahn Subpoena Case Quickly

Here’s How Impeachment Investigators Accessed Rudy Giuliani’s Call Records

Some Are Suggesting Congress Use Its ‘Inherent Contempt’ Power — Here’s What That Means

SCOTUS’s Tax Return Moment Has Arrived: Trump Asks High Court to Keep Finances Secret

Federal Judge Rejects DOJ’s Argument Over Don McGahn Subpoena in Court

Democrats Subpoena Trump Admin Official Who Called Impeachment Inquiry ‘#ShamProcess’

House Democrats Intensify Impeachment Inquiry, Subpoena the Pentagon and OMB

Federal Judge: Manhattan DA Can Enforce Subpoena for Trump’s Tax Returns; the President Is Not a King

Trump’s Attorneys Try to Force Federal Judge’s Hand in Tax Return Lawsuit

House Democrats Slap Trump’s Personal Attorney Rudy Giuliani with Subpoena

House Democrats Slap Mike Pompeo with Subpoenas: Failure to Comply ‘Shall Constitute Evidence of Obstruction’

DOJ Claims Congress Can’t Use Federal Court to Enforce Subpoena for Trump’s Tax Returns

Pelosi: Dems Will File Lawsuit to Force Fmr. White House Counsel McGahn’s Testimony

Legal Scholar: Trump Lawyers Just Made a ‘Radical’ Argument in Deutsche Bank Case

In Keeping with Trump Directive, Kellyanne Conway Will Defy Congressional Subpoena

House Democrats Subpoena ‘Critical Witnesses’ Michael Flynn and Rick Gates

For the Second Time This Week, Federal Judge Decides Not to Block Congressional Subpoena

After Whistleblower Steps Forward, Trump’s Lawsuit Against Deutsche Bank Is Even More Ridiculous

‘Contempt for Mueller?’: Democrats Threaten to Hit Special Counsel with Subpoena

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