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Stormy Daniels

Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Lists Avenatti’s 55 TV Appearances As Evidence Against Him in Court

Does Michael Avenatti Think We’re All Idiots? His Latest Legal ‘Argument’ Suggests He Does

Stormy Daniels’ Sketch Sure Looks Like Her Husband

Stormy Daniels Reveals Sketch of Man She Says Threatened Her, but How Accurate Could it Be?

Michael Avenatti Says Michael Cohen Can’t Hide Behind Fifth Amendment to Delay Stormy Daniels Case

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Michael Avenatti More or Less Called Opposing Counsel a Liar

Trump’s Anti-Mueller Rant Just Made Michael Cohen’s Life Way More Miserable Legally Speaking

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Is Implying that Trump Alleged Affair Is a Crime. It’s Not.

Stormy Daniels Claims She Was Duped into Believing Trump Was Involved in Hush Agreement

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Tries Again to Get President Trump to Testify Under Oath, More Humbly This Time

‘Call Your Lawyer’: Trump’s Stormy Comments May Mean Cohen Broke Campaign Finance Laws, Says Attorney

Clinton-Lewinsky Counsel Ken Starr Sees ‘Serious’ Issues With Stormy Daniels Payment

Judge Takes Not-So-Discreet Dig at Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer, Rejects Trump Deposition Request

Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Just Made It Way, Way Worse for His Client on Live TV

President Trump Could Very Well Have to Testify Under Oath, and It’s His Lawyer’s Fault

Stormy Daniels Lawyer Wants to Take Trump’s Deposition Under Oath

President Trump’s Measured Response to Stormy Daniels Interview is the Perfect Strategy

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Makes The Most Absurd Legal Claim Yet

Stormy Daniels Adds Defamation Claim to Lawsuit Against Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen

WH Deputy Press Sec Raj Shah Just Made Highly Misleading Statement About Stormy Daniels Payment

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