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Stormy Daniels

Police Chief: Stormy Daniels Should Not Have Been Arrested; Will Investigate Officers’ Motivation

Stormy Daniels Makes Ohio Police Look Like Boobs, Will No Longer Return to the Scene of the ‘No Crime’ (UPDATED)

Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels Just Got Arrested, but Did Cops Ignore This Loophole in the Law?

Michael Cohen May Lose Stormy Daniels Lawsuit for the Dumbest Reason Possible

‘Like a Small-Time Carnival Magician’: Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Rips Into Avenatti in New Court Filing

Avenatti: If I Have to Shut Up, So Does Trump

Avenatti Goes Off After Prosecutors Cancel Stormy Daniels Meeting: ‘Something Isn’t Right’

Updated: Stormy Daniels Meeting with Prosecutors Canceled Because Press Found Out, Avenatti Says

Judge Deals Avenatti a Blow, Calls Argument ‘Creative’

Judge Responds After Cohen Files Emergency Motion to Silence Avenatti: Don’t Do That

‘Assault on the 1st Amendment’: Avenatti Blasts Michael Cohen’s Attempt to Keep Him from Talking to Media

Avenatti: Trump, Melania and Rudy All Know Stormy’s Telling the Truth, Plus Cohen Is a ‘Moron’

Trump and Cohen are Hurting Themselves More than Stormy Daniels Ever Could

Good Try, Avenatti, but Stormy Daniels’ Lawsuit Probably Isn’t Going Anywhere

Stormy Daniels’ New Lawsuit Claims Ex-Attorney Tried to Get Her on Hannity to Deny Affair

Avenatti Drops New Emails Showing Stormy’s Ex-Lawyer Kept Cohen in Loop on Press Questions

Michael Avenatti: I Turned Down $200K from GOP Backers Looking to Hurt Trump

Avenatti Insists That There’s a Recording of Trump Discussing Stormy Daniels

No More ‘Publicity Tour’: Judge Kimba Wood Sends Stern Message to Michael Avenatti

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