A ‘Massive’ Ship Seized in $1.3 Billion Cocaine Bust Has Surprising Owner

Two Active-Duty Marines Arrested for Allegedly Smuggling Immigrants Over the Border

Man Caught With $164k Worth of ‘Cocaine Busting Out’ of Tightly Fitting Pants at JFK

Mariners’ Martin Tells of Threats in Cuban Smuggling Trial

TSA Officers Charged in Scheme to Smuggle 20 Tons of Cocaine Through Airport

Border Patrol Agents Say Captured Smuggler Confessed: ‘I Had to Get Caught Sometime’

U.S. Customs Agents Seize Crystal Meth Hidden Inside Religious Candle

Parents Allegedly Use Baby to Smuggle Meth Across Border

Man Caught With 51 Turtles in His Pants Gets Nearly Five Years in Federal Prison

Smuggler Finally Sentenced to Prison After 24th Arrest at Mexican Border

Police: Flight Attendant Arrested After Running From TSA, Leaving Behind Gucci Shoes, Cocaine

Woman Caught Smuggling Over $200,000 Worth of Cocaine in Her Breasts

Alcohol Smuggler Caught with Pants Down, Literally

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