sexual abuse

Boy Scouts of America Files for Bankruptcy, Encourages Victims of Sexual Abuse to File Claims

After Larry Nassar, MSU Agrees to Have ‘Chaperones’ at Medical Exams

Lawyer: Jeffrey Epstein Used Work-Release Privileges to Engage in ‘Improper Sexual Contact’

Royal Embarrassment? Prince Andrew’s Ties to Jeffrey Epstein Under the Microscope

Former Police Detective: Department Had ‘Marching Orders’ Not to Arrest Catholic Priests

R. Kelly Is Now Officially Under Criminal Investigation Following Lifetime Docuseries

Mother Who Allowed Men to Rape Daughters for Drugs and Money Sentenced

Lawsuits Filed Against USC and Campus Gynecologist Allege Years of Sexual Abuse, University Cover-Up

In These 12 States, Larry Nassar’s Enablers Could Get Away with a Cover-Up

‘Charles in Charge’ Actress Nicole Eggert Tells Megyn Kelly how Scott Baio Allegedly Abused Her

Michigan State’s Attempt To Weasel Out of Responsibility For Dr. Larry Nassar’s Crimes is Pretty Disgusting

Feds Seek 60-year Prison Sentence for USA Gymnastics Doctor

Professional Feminists Will Always Defend Liberals Accused Of Sexual Assault

This Video Of Joe Biden Getting Way Too Close To Young Girls Is Disturbing (WATCH)

Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman: I was Abused by Doctor

Alabama Republican Defends Roy Moore: ‘Mary Was a Teenager and Joseph Was an Adult’

Weinstein Board Could Face Lawsuits if They Knew of Harvey’s Alleged History, Lawyers Say

‘Enough’: Women in Politics Issue Letter Calling Out Workplace ‘Harassment and Abuse’

Bombarded by Sex Abuse Claims, Seattle Mayor Now Accused by His Own Cousin

Fmr NYPD Sergeant Found Guilty of Sexual Abuse After Throwing Semen on Coworker

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