‘I Thank God Everyday Donald John Trump Is President’: FBI Arrests Neo-Nazi for Allegedly Threatening Hispanic Women

Lawyer: Court’s ‘Bikini Barista’ Ruling Tells Women They ‘Must Be Protected from Themselves’

Seattle Jail Investigates ‘Inadvertent’ Inmate Releases

Man Arrested For Harassment After Video Shows Unhinged Racist Rant (WATCH)

Investigator Found in 1984 Embattled Seattle Mayor Abused Foster Son

Drone Pilot Gets Slapped With 30 Days in Jail After Losing Control of Craft, Knocking Woman Out Cold

Seattle Judge is Just Wrong, Foreign Nationals Were Arrested in U.S. From Countries on Trump’s Ban List

Court Denies Trump Request to Immediately Restore Travel Ban

Seattle Mayor Promises to Continue ‘Sanctuary City’ Policy Under President Trump

Frightening Alleged Robbery of Marijuana Shop Ends Like ‘Dumbest Criminals Video’

Man Threw Batarang So Hard It Got ‘Embedded’ in Police SUV

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