Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Trump Mocks Ginsburg and Sotomayor’s Health; Predicts He’ll Replace Them Soon: Report

Justice Ginsburg Blames Sexism For Clinton’s Loss: ‘Major, Major Factor’

Ginsburg: Justices Felt Trump Travel Ban Was ‘Too Restrictive’

Felicity Jones Will Star as Ruth Bader Ginsburg in On the Basis of Sex

Watch Ruth Bader Ginsberg Choke Secret Service Agent in New Simpsons Clip

Federal Judge (and Former Colleague) Goes After Ruth Bader Ginsburg For Her ‘Political’ Comments

Justice Ginsberg Apologizes for Criticizing Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protest

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, 83, Will Retire When She ‘Can’t Do the Job Full-Steam’

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