police chase

WATCH: Driver Leads Police on Freeway Chase After Hitting Scooter Rider in Los Angeles

Rape Suspect Fatally Poisoned Himself During Car Chase, Officers Say

CHASE: Pursuit Of Stolen Police Car

WATCH: Police Chase In San Gabriel Valley

SUV Theft Suspect Dies After Swerving Into Creek During High Speed Chase (VIDEO)

WATCH: Passerby Catches Dramatic Arrest Video After State Trooper Dragged During Traffic Stop

Police Chase Comes to Sudden End After Suspect’s Vehicle Runs Him Over (Video)

Two Teens Accused of Stealing Front Loader, Leading Police on Dangerous Chase

Prosecutors Say Foot Chase Ended After Armed Suspect Live-Tweeted His Location

Wedding Disrupted by Police Chasing Naked Man in Pond

2 Troopers on Leave After Video Shows Them Punching Chase Suspect

VIDEO: Carjacking Suspect Flies Out of Stolen Vehicle After Police Chase Ends in Violent Crash

Boy Accused of Stealing Cement Truck, Gets Mixed Up in Police Chase

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