In Apparent Ploy for Pardon, Rod Blagojevich Says Dems Would Have Investigated Lincoln for ‘Confederate Collusion’

Legal Analyst: Roger Stone Is Doing All He Can to Delay Sentencing in Hopes of a Pardon

Infamous Fraudster Bernie Madoff Asks Trump to Commute His 150-Year Prison Sentence

Trump Gives Different Answer to Manafort Pardon Question Now That Sentencing Is Done

Rudy Giuliani Accuses Cohen of Committing ‘Another Perjury,’ Much to Don Jr.’s Delight

Paul Manafort Was Already Screwed, But it Just Got a Whole Lot Worse

Law Prof Suggests Trump Pardon May Not Be Enough to Save Roger Stone

Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Case Where Manafort, Trump Should Be Listening

This Supreme Court Case Might Make Manafort Pardon Very Likely

A Trump Pardon Would Only Screw Manafort Even More

The Real Reason Michael Cohen Won’t Accept a Trump Pardon

CNN Analyst: Fourth of July Could Be Perfect Time for Trump to Pardon Cohen

George Papadopoulos’ Wife: ‘I Trust and Hope’ That Trump Will Pardon Husband

‘Stupid Question!’ Trump Tells Reporter Asking about Michael Cohen Pardon (WATCH)

Why Trump’s Scooter Libby Pardon is All About Trump (Oh, and Mueller)

President Trump Pardons Fmr Cheney Chief of Staff Scooter Libby

Awkward: Arpaio Learns on TV that Accepting Trump’s Pardon was Legal Confession (VIDEO)

Judge Won’t Throw Out Ruling Explaining Arpaio’s Conviction

Federal Judge Hints She Might Not Toss Arpaio’s Conviction Even After Trump Pardon

Here’s How Prosecutors Can Beat Trump’s Potential Pardons in Russiagate

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