Canadian Teens, Suspected in Three Murders, Have Likely Been Found Dead

The Gilroy Garlic Festival Mass Shooter Has Been Identified – Here’s What We Know

Tennessee Man: Fugitive Inmates Surrendered Without a Word

Police Search for ‘Armed and Dangerous’ Man Who Sent 161-Page Threatening Manifesto to Trump

NFL Owner and Former Player Doubled Reward Fund for Murdered Indiana School Girls

Cops Say Teenage Girls Killed in Indiana Managed to Get Recording of Killer’s Voice

Prosector Says Not to ‘Harass, Bother or Accuse’ Anyone as Search for Killer of Teen Girls Continues

Search Underway in Oklahoma For Man Accused of Shooting Five People Overnight, Killing Two

Dramatic Gas Station Shootout With AK-47 Style Weapon Captured on Video

Police Searching For Man Accused of Taking Girlfriend From Secure Hospital at Gunpoint

Escapee Described As Diabolical, Incredibly Violent, Compared to Hannibal Lecter

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