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hillary clinton

Kavanaugh Accused of Promoting ‘Whacko Conspiracy Theories’ About Hillary Clinton-Vince Foster Affair

Watchdog Group: FBI Didn’t Finish Review of Clinton Emails When Comey Claimed

FBI Finally Responds to Trump’s China-Hillary Clinton Hacking Conspiracy

Michael Cohen’s Old Tweets About Hillary Clinton Going to Prison Haven’t Aged Well

Fmr Clinton Lawyer on Hillary Running in 2020: ‘I Hope She Doesn’t’

Comey Slams Clinton After Snarky Tweet: She Still ‘Doesn’t Understand’

Hillary Clinton’s Reaction to the IG Report Was Surprisingly Perfect

Judge: DOJ Ignored Demands Regarding Obama Admin Links to Clinton Campaign

Judge Nap Shoots Down Giuliani’s Idea Comey May Be Prosecuted for Clinton Investigation (WATCH)

FBI Critics Rejoice: DOJ Inspector General to Fault FBI for Being Unfair To Clinton

Just Some of the Reasons Trump Hired New Lawyer, Joseph diGenova

Even Dem Version of Key Uranium One Witness Testimony Includes Attempts to Influence Clintons

Does Mueller Indictment Mean Clinton Campaign Can Be Indicted for Chris Steele?

Senator in Clinton Email Probe Is Throwing Stones from a Glass House

Comey’s FBI Knew About Clinton Emails One Month Before Alerting Congress

New Filing Shows Democratic National Committee is Basically Out of Money

Fewer Than 10 Percent of the Strzok-Page Text Messages Have Been Provided to Congress

If Hillary Clinton Has Any Decency, She’ll Let Staffer Who was Reportedly Harassed Out of NDA

Who Is Burns Strider, the Clinton Spiritual Advisor Accused of Sexual Harassment?

GOP Senate Candidate on Women’s Rights : ‘I Want to Come Home to a Home Cooked Dinner Every Night’

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