Ninth Circuit: Man ‘Committed to Mental Institution’ Decades Ago Can’t Get a Gun Despite Alleged Recovery

‘A Blow to the Gun Industry’: SCOTUS Won’t Block Sandy Hook Families’ Lawsuit Against Gun Manufacturer

California’s Proposed Expansion of ‘Red Flag’ Law Broadens Group of People Who Can Potentially Abuse It

Sorry, Trump: New York’s ‘Red Flag’ Law Doesn’t Let You Take Chris Cuomo’s Guns

NY Angers Second Amendment Advocates by Attempting to Change Gun Law Ahead of SCOTUS Review

Gun Rights Group Loses Defamation Case Against Katie Couric Over Deceptively Edited Documentary

Men Banned from Shooting Range After Gun-to-Head Selfie (WATCH)

Maryland Rite Aid Distribution Center Shooting Suspect Identified as 26-Year-Old Woman

Florida Family on Edge After Man Armed with Rifle Rang Doorbell at Night (WATCH)

Man Arrives on Scene of Texas School Shooting with Flag and Gun to ‘Make America Great Again’

DOJ Cracks Down on Firearms Dealer, Seizes 280 Firearms, Shuts Down Store

Why NY Times Publishing Justice Stevens’ Anti-Second Amendment Op-Ed was Irresponsible

Parkland Survivor David Hogg is Being Mocked for Wanting Normal Backpacks

Nikolas Cruz’s Brother Might Lose Gun Rights for 12 Months Under New Law

Zero Bump Stocks Surrendered Since Denver Ban — Here’s Why

Unlike in Florida, a Maryland Deputy Stopped the School Shooter

Democrat Suggests Taking Up Arms Against Trump, and People are Triggered

20-Year-Old Man Sues Dick’s and Walmart for Refusing to Sell Him a Rifle

‘There’s Some Other Way’: Governor Comes Out Against Plan to Arm School Teachers

Guns And Gays, Together At Last (Thanks To Trump And His Alt-Right Supporters)

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