Gonzalo Curiel

Guess Who’s Presiding Over Case of the Deported DREAMer? That ‘Mexican’ Judge Trump Attacked

Trump Lawyer Open to Settlement in ‘University’ Fraud Lawsuit

Judge Curiel to Decide Whether to Release Donald Trump’s Videotaped Deposition Testimony

Donald Trump Says He Doesn’t ‘Wish’ for Sonia Sotomayor to Recuse Herself from Immigration Cases

Alberto Gonzalez Now Backing Off Support of Trump’s Judge Attack

Mr. Trump, You Clearly Have No Idea What ‘Judicial Bias’ Really Means

Mexican-American Alberto Gonzales Says Trump’s Criticism of ‘Mexican’ Judge is Fair

Trump Makes Dig at ‘Mexican’ Judge, Then Tries to Win ‘Mexican’ Support

Donald Trump Told He Needs to Apologize for Saying Hispanic Judge Is Biased Against Him

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