Aaron Hernandez Defense Attorney Saw Signs of Possible Brain Damage During Murder Trial

College Football Star Rodney Anderson Accused of Sexual Assault

Tennessee State Football Player Kicked Off Team After Punching Coach (WATCH)

Three Michigan State Football Players Charged with Sexual Assault

Man Just Gets Community Service for Kicking Coat Hanger Up Black Teammate’s Rectum

Ravens Safety Elam Arrested on Marijuana, Drug Charges

Penn State Ex-Officials Seek Appeal as Criminal Trial Nears

Ex-Steeler Jon Witman Pleads Guilty in Second DUI Crash

State High School Commission Gives Second Chance to Player Involved in Referee Attack (Video)

Man Killed Stepmother for ‘Disrespecting’ Father over Cowboys Win, Police Say

Time for League to Pay Up! Supreme Court Ends NFL’s Fight Over Concussion Lawsuit

Cops May Refuse to Do Game Security in Protest of Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick Wore Pigs Socks to Protest ‘Rogue Cops’

Court Records: Joe Paterno Knew About Sandusky Abuse in 1976

Johnny Manziel Can’t Catch a Break, NFL Suspends Him for 4 Games

DA Declines to Prosecute Star Alabama Football Players: ‘I Refuse To Ruin Their Lives’

How the Baylor Scandal Exposes Problems With NCAA and the National Letter of Intent

Former College Football Players Hit NCAA With Concussion Lawsuits

Environmentalist Sues to End Nebraska Football Balloon Tradition

Viral ‘Joe Paterno Knew’ Headlines Are Not Remotely Credible

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