executive order

Federal Judge Blocks Trump Executive Order Limiting Refugee Resettlements

‘A Critical Step Forward’: Trump Admin to Implement New Policy for U.S. Visa Applicants

President Trump’s Immigration Executive Order Is No Solution, It’s a Total BS Scam

The Glaring Error in Fourth Circuit’s Travel Ban Decision

Trump’s Saudi Arabia Speech Could Help His Travel Ban Win in Court

ACLU Files FOIA Request for Voter Fraud Evidence After Trump Orders Election Commission

Trump’s Religious Freedom Order Doesn’t Look So Bad, But Only Because Old Draft Was Far Worse

President Trump Signs ‘Religious Liberty’ Executive Order, Weakens Johnson Amendment

Trump is About to Release His ‘Religious Freedom’ Order, and It’s Looking Awful

Trump’s Own Words to CNN Come Back to Bite Him With Travel Ban in Court

President Trump Signs New Travel Ban Executive Order

Ninth Circuit Denies DOJ Request to Put Travel Ban Appeal on Hold

Trump Supporter Takes His Support For Travel Ban to Court, Lashes Out at Washington AG

Non-Lawyer Stephen Miller Told US Attorney How to Defend Travel Ban, Report Says

Trump Administration Posted Wrong Info About Executive Orders on White House Website

Ninth Circuit Rules Trump Travel Ban Remains Blocked

Groups Sue to Block Trump’s Order on Government Regulations

Planned Executive Order Could Inadvertently Lead to Invalidating Fight Against ISIS, Experts Warn

Ninth Circuit Judges Grill Attorneys From Washington State, DOJ Over Trump Travel Ban

Lawyers Accuse Trump Admin of Failing to Comply With Judge’s Order in Travel Ban Lawsuit

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