Give Him a License? Black Labrador Drove Car in Circles for an Hour

State Investigates After Animal Shelter Mistakenly Euthanized a Family’s Dog

NBA Player Sues Vet for Alleged Nonconsensual Neutering

Veterinarian Charged for Allegedly Shooting Neighbor’s Barking Dog

Teen Girls Set Dog on Fire, Post Video to Snapchat, Cops Say

Successful Surgery for Dog ‘Who Took the Bullet’ for Officer

VIDEO: ‘Branded’ Dog Forced to Ride On Top of Trailer

Woman Who Killed Marine’s Dog in Car Accident Sues Owner for $901

VIDEO: Suspected Burglars Accidentally Save Dog from Hot Car Death

VIDEO: Contractor Caught Swatting Family’s Dogs With Wrench

Bank Reportedly Froze Check Because Dog Had ‘Terrorist’ Name

Burglars Pepper Sprayed This Adorable Dog

VIDEO: Police Say Man Steals Adorable Puppy and Trades Her for Crack

Video Shows Dog Violently Beaten, But Somehow No One Will Be Charged

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