Cop Accused of Baselessly Searching Black Motorist’s ‘F***ing Ass Crack’ Will Get No Immunity

‘Welcome to the White Man’s World’: Cops Indicted for Alleged Force, Threats Against Latino Kids (VIDEO)

LaKeith Smith Prosecutor: ‘Law Enforcement Are Our Clients’

Law & Crime is Launching ‘Cop of the Week’ Segment to Honor Law Enforcement

New Orleans Cop Charged With Raping Intoxicated Woman

In Shocking Letter, Super Bowl Champion Reveals How Cop Threatened to Blow His ‘F***ing’ Head Off

Insane Video of Arrested Woman Ditching Handcuffs, Taking Off in Cop Car (WATCH)

Watch Apparently Homophobic D.C. Officers Make Fun Of Burglary Victim

Twitter Shames Portland Police After Dept Tweets Photo of Kids In Riot Gear

Fmr NYPD Sergeant Found Guilty of Sexual Abuse After Throwing Semen on Coworker

Restaurant Owner Promises to Fire Employees Who Allegedly Sang ‘F–k Tha Police’ to Cops

Cops Try to Bully Uber Driver, Find Out He’s a Lawyer Who Actually Knows His Rights (VIDEO)

Police Officer’s Scuffle With Pantless Man Causes Concern About New Use of Force Rules (VIDEO)

Officer Suspended After Video Appears to Show Her Punching Teen Girl

Cops May Refuse to Do Game Security in Protest of Colin Kaepernick

Cop Breaks Down, Gives Beautiful Speech: ‘I’m More Than a Uniform’

VIDEO: Woman Shows Cleavage and Offers Cash During Traffic Stop, Cops Say

McKinney Pool Party Cop Walks, Attorney for Teen Announces Plans to File Lawsuit

Chicago Cop Watches as Massive Brawl Spills Into Busy Intersection (Video)

WATCH: Cops Publicly Shame Man After He Tweets Himself Spitting on Squad Car

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