Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas Thinks You Shouldn’t Be Able to Sue the Feds for Civil Rights Violations

Clarence Thomas’s New Documentary Is All About How Biden Stinks and Liberals Are The New KKK

Clarence Thomas’s ‘Cruel and Dishonest’ Opinion Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

Clarence Thomas Suggests Anti-Discrimination Guardrails in Jury Selection Process Should Be Removed

Clarence Thomas Agrees with Majority, Then Questions Role of Stare Decisis for 17 Pages

Justices Gorsuch and Thomas Side with Liberals in Virginia Gerrymandering Case

Clarence Thomas Invokes Eugenics More Than 60 Times In Tuesday’s Opinion

SCOTUS Just Ruled Against Al-Qaeda Victims, and Clarence Thomas Is the Only One Making Any Sense

Clarence Thomas Takes Subtle Shot at Anthony Kennedy Over Landmark Gay Marriage Decision

Clarence Thomas Sides with Cosby, Wants to Change How We Handle Celebrity Defamation

Kavanaugh Sides With Liberals in Planned Parenthood Decision, and Conservative Justices Are Not Happy

Anita Hill Says Thomas, Weinstein Part Of Arc Toward Justice

Clarence Thomas’ Wife Presented James O’Keefe Award–At Trump Hotel–After Failed WaPo Sting

Joe Biden Apparently Made a Locker Room Promise to Make Sure Anita Hill’s Testimony was ‘Very Quick’

Even Clarence Thomas Smacked Down North Carolina Racial Gerrymandering

Ted Cruz is Right, Clarence Thomas Should Not Be Snubbed by National Museum of African American History

GOP Totally Ignores Clarence Thomas After He Jabs Them For Stalling SCOTUS Confirmation

Smithsonian Made Big Mistake By Snubbing Clarence Thomas at New African-American History Museum

Justice Clarence Thomas is Nowhere to be Found in New Black History Smithsonian

Wow, Justice Sotomayor Kind of Agrees With Justice Thomas on a Gun Case!

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