Canadian Teens, Suspected in Three Murders, Have Likely Been Found Dead

‘They Were Just, Everyday, Regular Kids’: Second Burned Vehicle Found in Canadian Murder Case

Why Two Mysterious Death Investigations Are Causing ‘Growing’ Concern in Canada

Rider Kicked Off Bus After Calling Pregnant Woman ‘Fat Indian’ (WATCH)

‘I Will F*ck Your Ass Up’; Drake Threatens Man Allegedly Groping Women At Show

Chelsea Manning Says She Was Blocked from Entering Canada

Judge Suspended for Wearing Pro-Trump MAGA Hat to Court

Alleged Shoplifter Hilariously Fell Face First in Attempted Getaway (WATCH)

More Potential Terror Threats Come From Canada Than Mexico, Report Says

Judge May Lose Job After Asking Rape Victim: ‘Why Couldn’t You Keep Your Knees Together?’

Canada’s Supreme Court says Most Bestiality is Legal

Canada May Change National Anthem to be ‘Gender Neutral’

Man Caught With 51 Turtles in His Pants Gets Nearly Five Years in Federal Prison

After Toddler Dies, Anti-Vaccination Parents Are Now on Trial

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