Bob Bianchi

Former NJ Prosecutor: Opioid Makers Donating to State Attorneys General Is a ‘Toxic Cocktail’

‘This Is Unbelievable, it’s a Disgrace’: Fmr Prosecutor Condemns Decision to Dismiss Jussie Smollett Charges

‘#Conflict’: Legal Experts Say Barr’s Omissions Mean Congress Will Engage in ‘Battle Royale’ to Get Full Mueller Report

Former Prosecutor: Expect ‘A Rollout of Indictments’ After Robert Mueller Submits Report

Former Prosecutor: Senate Will Likely Grill Michael Cohen on Counterintelligence Matters

Mueller Has No Mandated Timeline, So Why Is February Being Predicted as Russia Report Month?

Former Prosecutor: Investigation into Trump Foundation ‘Going to Become a Criminal Matter’

Law&Crime Host Slams Idea That Kavanaugh-Ford Are in ‘He Said, She Said’ Scenario (VIDEO)

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