animal cruelty

Teacher Found Not Guilty After Feeding Puppy to Snapping Turtle as Students Watched

Locals Outraged by Sentences for Arkansas Men Who Heinously Slit Dog’s Throat on Snapchat

11 Arrested After Alleged Animal Sacrifice Ceremony in Suburban Home

Icy Blast Means Legal Liability For Pet Owners

Lena Dunham Should Be Investigated For Animal Cruelty

City Took Away Horses After 80-Year-Old Rode Them Across Bridge, Now He’s Suing for $50 Million

Judge Goes Off on ‘Revolting’ Puppy Killer: ‘Oh, Would I Like to Put You in a Dumpster’

VIDEO: Man Decides to Kick His Chihuahua in a Police Station

North Carolina Man Dumps Boiling Water on Unsuspecting Cat: Police

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