21st Century Fox

Bill O’Reilly’s Old Contract Said He Couldn’t Be Fired for Harassment Without Court Decision

Rod Wheeler Drops Race Discrimination Claim Against Fox News

21st Century Fox Paid $50 Million to Settle Harassment, Discrimination Claims

Rod Wheeler Attorney Cites ‘Fake News’ in Trying to Block Big Fox Deal

New Fox News Lawsuits Allege Discrimination, Physical Threats Against Employees

Lawyer for Fox Employees Opposes Murdochs’ Attempt to Acquire Sky Network

Letter Signed by over 450 Sexual Assault Victims Demands Fox News Fire O’Reilly

Women Got $13 Million in Payouts for Not Pursuing O’Reilly Sexual Harassment Claims: Report

Report: 21st Century Fox in Settlement Talks With Three Women Harassed by Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes’ Alleged Use of Company Funds Could Make Him Liable to Fox

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