10 Must-Follow Crime Reporters on Twitter


These are some reporters you will want to follow to get the latest, most breaking law and crime stories around the country. They have a sharp eye for unique articles, and often retweet other great accounts. These 10 reporters and commentators are yours to follow on Twitter. Leave a comment if you think we left anyone out.


Stephanie K. Baer, @skbaer
This Los Angeles reporter is all over Twitter, and a great resource for info: the many, many shootings in Chicago; the virus outbreaks surrounding Chipotle. Plus, she sometimes tweets about sports and such.


Sarah Bloomquist, @sarahbloomquist
Bloomquist, an anchor and reporter in Philadelphia, is great about sharing crazy crime stories. She tweets at a steady pace, and is worth checking out.


Megan Cassidy, @meganrcassidy
This Arizona Republic reporter covers the Phoenix Police Department. And believe us, you always want a crime reporter who can feel shock, no matter how long they’ve been on the beat.


Jim Douglas, @wfaajdouglas
Douglas, of WFAA in Texas, caught the bail hearing of the Affluenza mom Tonya Couch.


Justin George, @justingeorge
This reporter from the Baltimore Sun sends a steady stream of Tweets. You might know him from his coverage of Freddie Gray’s death, and the tense, ongoing aftermath.


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