DOJ Pretty Much Admitted President Trump Made Up Facts

Air Force Judge Retires After Illegally Throwing Marine General in Jail for 21 Days

Would-Be Suicide Bomber In New York City Faces Court Hearing

Suspected New York Terrorist’s Family Issues Beyond Tone-deaf Statement Attacking Police

Boston Teacher Thinks It’s A Great Idea To Use 9/11 Attacks In Algebra Problem

Alleged Manhattan Terrorist Caught On Film (VIDEO)

ACLU Files Lawsuit To Keep ICE’s Hands Off Our Cell Phones

FBI Evidence Said to Implicate Saudi Arabian Government in 9/11 Attacks

Why Won’t Media Outlets Report Mosque Bombings As Deliberate Terrorism

Mosque In Minnesota Firebombed During Call To Prayer

Judge Napolitano Now Calls for Jailing ‘Serial Liar’ Susan Rice

Alleged Russian Hacker Arrested in Spain at U.S. Request

White House Defends Syrian Strike as Legally ‘Justified and Proportional’

Trump Advisor Ordered to Surrender Controversial Immigration Documents Captured by Photographer

Prof. Crosses the Line by Asking Students to Write Essay From Perspective of Terrorist Network

Lawsuit Filed by Family of Missing CIA Consultant Alleging Iranian Cover Up

Hundreds of 9/11 Families File Lawsuit Against Saudi Arabia

Supreme Court Going to Hear Really Important Case on Whether Mexican Nationals Have Rights

Guilty Plea Expected Involving San Bernardino Terror Attack

Instead of Wall, President Trump Should Really Focus on This Border Case Before Supreme Court

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