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Exclusive: Woman Says She Was Recruited as Teen to Be Powerful Church Leader’s ‘Sex Slave’

Michigan Journalism Students Filling a Void in Ann Arbor, and Doing It Well

Family of Former FBI Agent Bob Levinson Takes Iran to U.S. Court, Demands $1.5 Billion

Trump Unwilling to Release Tax Returns Because He’s Not as Wealthy as He Claims: Pulitzer-Winning Journalist

Under Fire in Sex Abuse Scandal, USA Swimming CEO Admits He Had Never Read ‘Code of Conduct’

Small-Town Iowa Newspaper Raises Almost $100,000 on GoFundMe After Winning Costly Libel Lawsuit

Secrets of a Wealthy Royal Family Revealed in Lawsuit: Alleged Drugs, Hookers and Murder Plots

‘Certainly a National Security Risk’: American Hostage Mom, Diane Foley, Worries ISIS Prisoners May Escape

Investigative Series Uncovers $60 Million in Secret Settlements That Protect ‘Bad Cops’

U.S. Navy Acknowledges ‘Unidentified Flying Objects,’ Refuses to Call Them UFOs

Mississippi Investigative Journalist Reports Gangs Still Control the State’s Prisons Despite Reforms

Florida Mayor Defends Decision to Pay $460,000 Ransom to Criminals Who Hacked City Computers

Church Leader Naason Joaquin Garcia Claims Women ‘Framed’ Him for Lurid Teen Sex Videos

Mysterious Deaths of Jeffrey Epstein, Whitey Bulger Focus Harsh Light on Federal Prison Conditions

‘Fog of Crisis’: National Security Experts Warn U.S. Is on ‘Brink of Conflict’ with Iran

Residents of Small Georgia Town ‘Almost Jubilant’ Megachurch Leader Is Being Brought to Justice

How to Protect Your Children from Predators Like Jeffrey Epstein

American Hostage Mom, Diane Foley, Praises President Trump’s Rescue Efforts

Making Art from the Work of Murdered Journalist Jim Foley

Lawyer for Navy SEAL Charged with War Crimes Ready to ‘Annihilate’ Accusers’ Claims

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