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Convicted Killer Anthony Pardon Sentenced to Life in Murder of Rachael Anderson

Jury Tampering? Prosecution Calls Out Harvey Weinstein Lawyer for Op-Ed Asking Jurors to Do ‘Right’ Thing

Watch Live: Anthony Pardon Penalty Phase in Rachael Anderson Murder

Harvey Weinstein Publicist: ‘Several Aspects’ of Trial Are ‘Opening This Judge Up to an Appeal’

Prosecutor Blasts Harvey Weinstein as Manipulative, Domineering Rapist During Closing Arguments

Harvey Weinstein’s Defense Trash Talks Gloria Allred During Closing Arguments

Anthony Pardon Guilty of Murdering Rachael Anderson on Her Birthday

Former Police Officer Christopher Hess Acquitted in Shooting Death of Genevive Dawes

Accused Rapist Harvey Weinstein Will Not Testify in His Own Defense

Watch Live: Jerry Burns on Trial in Iowa Cold Case Murder of Michelle Martinko

Curtis Wayne Wright Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison for Murdering Dr. Teresa Sievers

Donald Hartung Sentenced to Life for Murdering His Mother and Half Brothers

Watch Live: Donald Hartung Penalty Phase for Murders of His Mother and Half Brothers

Jussie Smollett’s Lawyer Spotted Walking into Court Right Behind Harvey Weinstein

Watch Live: Former Cop Christopher Hess Stands Trial for Fatal Shooting of Genevive Dawes

Watch Live: Anthony Pardon Stands Trial for Allegedly Murdering Rachael Anderson

Harvey Weinstein Trial Ended for Day When Alleged Victim Broke Down Crying on the Stand

Harvey Weinstein Rape Accuser Shocks with Description of Defendant’s Genitals

Live PD Trooper James Casey Has Choice Words for the ‘Coward’ Who Shot Him

Donald Hartung Convicted of Murdering His Mom and Two Half Brothers

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