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Live Trials – Current

WATCH LIVE: George Burch Murder Trial Day 2

Watch: Nikolas Cruz Hearing

WATCH LIVE: George Burch Murder Trial Day 1

Millionaire Bob Ward Found Guilty of Lesser Charge in Second Trial for Wife’s Murder

Watch Live: Janet Solander Child Sex Abuse Trial Day 1

K9 Officer Charlie Wilkie Shows How Investigators Cracked Donald Smith Case (VIDEO)

Watch: Nikolas Cruz Hearing

Jury Finds Donald Smith Guilty After Only 15 Minutes in Abduction, Rape, and Murder of 8-Year-Old Girl

Secret Jail House Recordings Reveal Florida Child Rape Defendant Bragged About Targeting 12-Year-Olds

Medical Examiner Breaks Down While Testifying in Cherish Perrywinkle Murder Trial

WATCH LIVE: Cherish Perrywinkle Murder Trial Day 2

WATCH LIVE: Retrial of Bob Ward, Accused of Murdering Wife, Day 1

Watch Live: Shelby Taylor Trial

Watch: Sanel Saint Simon Murder Trial

In These 12 States, Larry Nassar’s Enablers Could Get Away with a Cover-Up

Judge Refuses to Punish Father Who Tried to Attack Larry Nassar

Alexandria Duval Found Not Guilty of Murdering Twin Sister

‘I’m Sorry’: Morgan Geyser Tearfully Apologizes to Victim During Slenderman Sentencing Hearing

WATCH LIVE: Christopher Whitaker Murder Trial

William Woodward Found Guilty of Murdering Neighbors

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