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Republican Mayor Resigns After Calling Old Black People ‘Antique Farm Equipment’

Roger Stone May Defend Himself by Accusing Robert Mueller of ‘Vindictive Prosecution’

Eric Holder: Dems Should Add Two Additional Supreme Court Justices to Counter GOP ‘Power Grab’

Michael Cohen’s Cooperation with Feds Happened After Trump Stopped Paying Legal Bills

‘Go Back to Mexico’: Teacher Rants at Fifth Grader Who Refuses to Recite the Pledge of Allegiance

San Francisco Doesn’t Want Jurors to Hear Witnesses Say Mario Woods’ Death by Police Was ‘Unnecessary’

Far-Right, White Supremacist Group Identity Evropa Worked the Phones to Keep Steve King in Office

ICE Agents Have Been Tracking Protests Opposed to Trump, Deportation and the NRA

Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr.’s Hunting Lodge Was Once Run by Undocumented Immigrant

Middle School Makes Students Say N-Word in Class, Apologizes After Video Goes Viral

Robert Mueller Completely Dismantles Paul Manafort’s Best Arguments for a Reduced Sentence

Murder Charges Will Be Filed Against Floyd Galloway in the 2016 Abduction and Death of Danielle Stislicki

What to Expect from House Dems’ New Lawyer Hire in ‘Aggressive’ Trump Campaign Probe

Dems Call for Criminal Probe of Kushner’s ‘False Statements’ About Meeting Russian Ambassador

‘We Need N****** Gone’: Alabama Students Caught Spewing Racist Slurs, Anti-Semitic Remarks

Roger Stone May Have ‘Framed’ Himself Now That Mueller Is Eyeing Another Instagram Post

Mariah Carey’s Former Manager Sues Felix Sater on Same Day Dems Ask Him to Produce Trump-Related Docs

Legal Experts: Dems’ Expansive Probe Will Bring ‘Full Range of Issues Revolving Around Trump World to Light’

Rubio Posts Graphic Image of Gaddafi’s Murder in Apparent Threat to Maduro. Twitter Says it Didn’t Violate Their Terms of Service.

Senate Intel Committee Now Investigating Trump’s Various Trips to Russia

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