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Teen Mother Allegedly Suffocated Infant Son Because She Mistakenly Thought She Needed Parental Consent for Abortion

‘Nike Should Be Criminally Indicted’: Avenatti Comes Out Swinging With Documents Alleging High School Bribery Scandal

‘I’ll Put a Bullet in Her F***ing Skull’: Trump Supporter Allegedly Threatened Rep. Ilhan Omar

George Papadopoulos Believes Defense Attorneys Who Got Him a Plea Deal Were ‘Possibly Compromised’

Federal Judge Accuses Conservative Colleagues of Inviting ‘Tyranny’ by Upholding Abortion Restrictions

Rep. Nadler Repeatedly Assailed ‘Dark Money in Politics,’ But Will Give Private Briefing to Liberal Dark Money Group

FBI Director: White Supremacist Violence Poses a ‘Pervasive’ and ‘Persistent’ Threat in U.S.

Federal Court Rules Against 1,444 Iraqi Nationals Targeted by ICE

‘Bogus’: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Claims ‘Conservative Interest Groups’ Are Falsely Filing FEC Complaints Against Her

Mueller Hid Crucial Evidence, Manafort’s Attorneys Argue in Heavily Redacted Doc

‘Jones Day Is a Fraternity Led by One Man’: Law Firm with Deep Trump Admin Ties Faces Discrimination Suit

As Federal Probe Continues, it’s Revealed Trump Gave Ambassadorships to Major Inaugural Committee Donors

Defense Lawyers: ‘Only Possible Conclusion’ Is That the Gov’t Illegally Spied on Chelsea Manning

Chinese National Allegedly Lied Her Way into Mar-a-Lago, Had Multiple Phones and Malware with Her

Biden Reportedly ‘Bragged’ About the Firing of a Prosecutor Who Was Investigating His Son’s Firm

Texas Judge Accidentally Resigns by Announcing His Intention to Run for Higher Office

The FBI Appears to Have an Active Criminal Investigation Into Jacob Wohl’s Surefire Intelligence

Judge Won’t Be Sanctioned for ‘Embarrassing’ Treatment of Team Mueller During Manafort Trial

Chelsea Manning Files Appeal to Get Out of Jail, Argues Judge Didn’t Actually ‘Consider the Evidence’

‘It’s Not Affection. It’s Sexism’: Second Woman Accuses Joe Biden of Inappropriate Touching

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