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University Police Investigating After Black Doll Found Hanging in Freshman Dorm Room

Florida Woman Allegedly Tells Black Cop That KKK Will ‘Be Seeing Him to Burn Crosses’ On His Property

Police in Maryland Warn About Mother Allegedly Trying to Find Her Son a Date

Court Rules Against Christian Student Who Complained She Had to Learn About Islam in High School

Trump Wins Significant Border Wall Case in ‘Liberal’ Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Fmr U.S. Attorney: Trump, Flynn, Manafort Finances Are ‘the Glue’ Holding Mueller Probe Together

Florida Gang Believed to Be Targeting Undocumented Immigrants Because They Are Unlikely to Call Police

Virginia’s Top Senate Republican Teaches an Interesting Class About the Confederacy

Legal Expert: Trump Engaged in a ‘Multi-State Criminal Conspiracy’ to Violate Immigration and Human Trafficking Laws

GOP State Rep. Under Fire After Comparing LGBTQ Community to Ku Klux Klan

North Carolina Sheriffs Clash With ICE Officials After Series of Unwanted Immigration Raids

Unsealed Manafort Transcripts Allude to the ‘Heart’ of the Mueller Investigation

Mueller Reveals How He Caught Manafort in a ‘Lie’ About Sharing Trump Campaign Polling Data with Russian Operative

Cops Accused of ‘Terrorizing’ 6-Year-Old with Autism, Pointing ‘Military-Style’ Guns at Him During SWAT Raid

Virginia Blackface Scandal Ensnares Top State Republican

‘I Can Say N***** More’: Another Racist Video Featuring Texas Teens Sparks Outrage

Texas Republican Accused of Sending Student Nude Pics Says He’s ‘Reconciling’ with Wife Even Though She Filed for Divorce

DOJ Investigating Trump Appointee’s Role in Getting Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Off the Hook

Cop Who Allegedly Killed Colleague Playing ‘Russian Roulette’ Claims His Judge Is ‘Biased’

Florida Man Who Allegedly Raped a Child Was Wearing a Shirt That’ll Make You Cringe

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