Gov’t Must Hand over Private Emails About Trump’s Defunct Voter Fraud Commission

Supreme Court Upholds State’s Controversial Voter Registration Deletion Practice

FL to Vote on Restoring Voting Rights to 1.5M Ex-Felons

Supreme Court to Take Up Ohio’s Purges of Inactive Voters

ACLU Sues over Voter Fraud Commission, Claiming It’s Too Secretive

Federal Judges Find Texas Gerrymandered Maps on Racial Lines

These Local Officials Went to Voters’ Homes, Filled Out Ballots With Them, Report Says

Trump Brings Up Illegal Voting Again… Says It’s Why He Lost New Hampshire

Minnesota Elector Refuses to Vote for Clinton, Gets Replaced

WATCH: Woman Shouts Racial Slurs as Insane Fight Breaks Out at Michigan Polling Location

Cops Called After Dispute Erupts Between Two Clerks at Florida Polling Location

Trump Files Last Minute Lawsuit Over Nevada Polling Hours

Are Voting Selfies Legal? We Have the Answer in All 50 States

Judge Orders RNC to Detail Any Agreements With Trump Campaign to Engage in ‘Poll Watching’

Trump Supporter Allegedly Committed Voter Fraud Because ‘Polls Are Rigged’

Oops! Justin Timberlake May Have Just Violated the Law While He Voted

Virginia Will Extend Voter Registration Deadline Because Its Online System Glitched Out

Almost a Million Purged Voters in Ohio Can Cast Ballots Anyway

UPDATED: Lawsuit Demands Georgia Extend Voter Registration Deadline Because of Hurricane Matthew

Hackers Reportedly Attacked 10 State Election Databases

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